Tuesday, March 2, 2021

[389-users] replication is failing

Using 389 DS and directory server replication is failing. I am getting:


NSMMReplictionPlugin Unable to require replica for total update error 49 retrying


NSMMReplicationPlugin bind_and_check_pwp Replication bind with SIMPLE auth failed LDAP error 19 (constraint violation) (Exceed password retry limit)


This used to work until the 180 password time frame happened on this new-ish server. I almost suspect it is the server wide password policy that has caused this, but I am unsure how to fix it.


I checked the error log and it yielded 


NSMMReplicationPlugin bind_and_check_pwp successfully bound cn=replication manager,cn=config to consumer, but password is expiring on consumer in 100 seconds.


And once it expires


NSMMReplicationPlugin bind_and_check_pwp replication bind with SIMPLE auth failed: LDAP error 49 (Invalid credentials) (password expired)


Thanks in advance, Chris

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