Friday, March 19, 2021

[fedora-arm] Re: Fedora on Librem 5: is it possible?

On Fri, Mar 19, 2021 at 10:24 AM Massimiliano <> wrote:
> Thanks Peter.
> > From the Arm PoV that statement is still mostly correct, but it's
> > nuanced as there's group that is focusing on some of those devices. I
> > think there will be a focus in that group on actively open phones, I
> > still wouldn't expect your average locked down consumer phone to be a
> > focus.
> Do you mean tha Librem 5 is not "open" enough?

No, I mean general andorid consumer phones aren't

> > So there is now a new group [1] that is actively looking at phones and
> > tablets, in particular the PinePhone and the PineTab. This is the
> > right mailing list to discuss and there's also an IRC channel
> > #fedora-phone too.
> I missed this piece, I focused on aarch64.
> Is this SIG communicating with the Purism team?

I think form the PoV of the phosh UX they are, I've no clue about the
HW side of things. I don't follow it closely enough.

> > All the pieces for that device are enabled in the Fedora kernel, we
> > don't build a boot firmware for any i.MX8 stuff ATM because basically
> > "it's complicated". I'm aware of a number of i.MX8 devices that do
> > work once there's an appropriate firmware in place.
> Good news, I suppose...

Well there's only a small team, it's a community effort....

> > There's active work around the Phosh phone graphical environment.
> Nice, is there something about Plasma Mobile?

Not a clue as to the exact focus, you could maybe join the channel and ask ;-)

> > So in short most of the pieces are in place, I'm not aware of anyone
> > that's actually tested one of those devices as yet but there was
> > certainly interest.
> I've some experience in building Fedora images (I'm the maintainer of
> [1]) on x86, but arm is a different game.

It's really not, we use the same tools in core Fedora to build both
x86 and arm. ATM a lot of it's not complete, there's a handful of
remixes, when things get more complete the plan is to do a proper
spin. This is detailed on the wiki page the last I looked.

> I'm still investigating, but I'd like to boot a Fedora on this device
> (like I do in my PCs).
> Phone is not a priority for me, but convergence is a good point.

Well the aarch64 devices on Fedora all boot UEFI basically just like a PC
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