Monday, April 5, 2021

[389-users] Re: Cert Problems with dsidm

Hi Bryan,

What version of 389-ds-base is installed?

On 4/5/21 10:18 AM, Bryan K. Walton wrote:
We have/had a working 389 directory server running on Centos 8.  It was  working fine, and for the most part, it still is. We can sucessfully  manage it through the cockpit service.  We can successfully manage the  directory with ApacheDirectoryStudio. ldapsearch/ldapmodify works fine.    But it appears that sometime in the last month or two, when we use the  command dsidm, we have started getting a cert error.  Again, it is only  with dsidm.    The error we get is:    Error: Can't contact LDAP server - error:1416F086:SSL routines:tls_process_server_certificate:certificate verify failed (self signed certificate in certificate chain)    I can't figure out where it is seeing this self-signed cert.  When I run  dsidm commands with "-v", I see the following:    DEBUG: Using dirsrv ca certificate /etc/dirsrv/slapd-{instance_name}  DEBUG: Using external ca certificate /etc/dirsrv/slapd-{instance_name}  DEBUG: Using external ca certificate /etc/dirsrv/slapd-{instance_name}    But we have our certs in that directory.  And there are no self-signed  certs in our cert or its intermediate and root certs.  The cert is a  GoDaddy cert.

This is a known issue when trying to use LDAPS with dsconf/dsidm.  Changes were made in the CLI tools that caused the settings in /etc/openldap/ldap.conf to basically be ignored.  Fix is not trivial, but for now the best option is to setup the ".dsrc" file in the root home directory.  This file contains predefined settings so you don't need to set them on the command line.  There you can set the CA certificate path, etc.

In this example the instance is named 'localhost", so you will need to change this to match your setup:


[localhost]  tls_cacertdir = /etc/dirsrv/slapd-localhost  uri = ldaps://localhost.localdomain:636  basedn = dc=example,dc=com  binddn = cn=Directory Manager      Then you will use dsidm as follows:    	# dsidm localhost user create ...      You can also mange the ".dsrc" file using dsctl:    	# dsctl localhost dsrc --help      Let me know if you still have any problems,  Mark  

    How can I find out what cert dsidm is reading, so as to resolve this  issue?    Thanks,  Bryan  _______________________________________________  389-users mailing list --  To unsubscribe send an email to  Fedora Code of Conduct:  List Guidelines:  List Archives:  Do not reply to spam on the list, report it:  
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