Saturday, June 5, 2021

[fedora-arm] Fedora on Pinebook Pro

Hello together,
I'm very satisfied with Fedora 34 on my Pinebook Pro. There are a few
issues over:
- Power LED needs to enable early in boot process
- enable local NVME disc by  enabling PCIe support
- USB-C port  (display output)

Hope this will be fixed in the coming weeks

I didn't managed to get follow issues resolved:
- Sound ( Speaker and Headphone)

# <F6> ("Select sound card")
# <Down> (Select "rockchip,es8316")
# <Enter>
# <Right> x 24 (Until "DAC Stereo Enhancement" is selected)
# <Up> x 7 (100% seems to make the right channel as loud as the left)
# <Right> x 4 (Until "Left Headphone Mixer Left DAC" is selected)
# <m> (To unmute)
# <Right> x 3 (Until "Right Headphone Mixer Right DAC" is selected)
# <m>  (To unmute)
# <Esc>

I've done these steps but can't hear any sound. Yes, hardware switch for
Headphone / serial console is off.

- Graphical boot with Plymouth

[root@pinebook-pro ~]# dnf install plymouth-theme-spinfinity

[root@pinebook-pro ~]# plymouth-set-default-theme spinfinity -R

[root@pinebook-pro ~]# plymouth-set-default-theme
[root@pinebook-pro ~]#

I've added rhgb in



Laptop boots always with text.

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