Wednesday, June 30, 2021

[fedora-arm] Re: Pinebook Pro and reboot

> So, I was able to install Fedora on the Pinebook Pro following the blog
> post
> The only difference is that I was unable to boot the installer from an
> USB stick, and I used dd to copy the content of the SD card to eMMC.
> The only annoying problem that I'm facing is that I can't reboot the
> Pinebook. I can reboot, sure, indeed, connecting through the serial
> port, the system actually reboot, but the video becomes black with some
> horizontal lines [1].
> Powering off the system, then on, the screen is ok.
> What could it be?

I've seen similar, but not quite the same issue. Basically mine gets
stuck at some part of U-Boot and doesn't proceed to continue to boot.

I believe it's a bug somewhere in the firmware but I've not had time
to debug it. I suspect basically some device doesn't get reset
properly by the firmware on reboot and so causes issues actually

It's one of the things on my todo list to investigate but I've not had
the time to dig into it as yet.
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