Saturday, June 12, 2021

[fedora-websites] Issue #1087: Remove the "old page" tag from "Communicating and getting help" page

gkowzan reported a new issue against the project: `fedora-websites` that you are following:
«This page has been marked as "old", and likely contains content that is irrelevant or incorrect»

The quote above is the first thing you see when you open [Communicating and getting help]( wiki page. You can easily reach it by going to, going down and clicking Get Help, which is something you're likely to do when you're considering switching to Fedora and want to know beforehand what documentation and resources are available. It makes Fedora look like a failing project with apathetic developers and nonexistent community, and certainly made me reconsider switching to Fedora in the past. Ironically enough, the discussion page contains a recommendation to remove the old page tag---dated January 6, 2017---and the first sentence tries to assure you that "Fedora has a strong community that is ready to help you".

Could the old page tag be removed?

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