Thursday, September 2, 2021

[389-users] changing nsslapd-sizelimit in cn=config

In IPA I'm trying to set the value of nsslapd-sizelimit in cn=config
online using our LDAP tool. It is failing with LDAP error 16. What I'm
seeing is:

ipapython.ipaldap: DEBUG: update_entry modlist [(1, 'nsslapd-sizelimit',
[b'2000']), (0, 'nsslapd-sizelimit', [b'100000'])]
ldap.NO_SUCH_ATTRIBUTE: {'msgtype': 103, 'msgid': 16, 'result': 16,
'desc': 'No such attribute', 'ctrls': []

Basically I'm trying to delete the original value and adding a new one.

It seems like cn=config is being treated differently.

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