Monday, September 6, 2021

[389-users] Re: Enabling retro changelog maxage with 3 million entries make dirsrv not respond anymore

On 9/6/21 1:55 PM, Kees Bakker wrote:

First a bit of context.

CentOS 7, FreeIPA

A long time ago I was experiencing a deadlock during retro changelog cleanup
and I was advised to disable it as a workaround. Disabling was done by setting
nsslapd-changelogmaxage to -1. SInce then the number of entries grew to
about 3 million.

Last week I enabled maxage again. I set it to 470 days. I was hoping to limit
this pile of old changelog entries., starting by cleaning very old entries.

However, what I noticed is that it was removing entries with a pace of 16 entries
per second. Meanwhile the server was doing nothing. Server load was very low.

The real problem is that dirsrv (LDAP) is not responding to any requests anymore. I
had to disable maxage again, which requires patience restarting the server when
it is not responding ;-)

Now my questions
1) is it normal dat removing repo changelog entries is slooow?
2) why is dirsrv not responding anymore when the cleanup kicks in?
3) are there alternatives to cleanup the old repo changelog entries?


When the server is not responsive, can it process searches like

ldapsearch -b "" -s base ?

ldapsearch -D 'cn=direcrtory manager' -W -b "cn=config" -s base

or ldapsearch D 'cn=direcrtory manager' -W -b "cn=monitor" ?

Regarding the low rate of trimming, how did you monitor it ? Are you using internal op logging, plugin log level or something else ?

When the server is not responsive, does it consum CPU ? Could you collect 'top -H -p `pidof ns-slapd` -b' and some pstack ?


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