Friday, September 3, 2021

[389-users] update_pw_encoding messages

I see these errors in my logs for some accounts on my consumers with chaining enabled.

- WARN - update_pw_encoding - Could not read password attribute on 'uid=someuser,ou=people,dc=domain,dc=lott'

Are these spurious messages or something that needs to be addressed?

I came across this:

upgrade-hash is set to "on" on all servers.

What is this code doing?

int32_t update_pw_encoding(Slapi_PBlock *orig_pb, Slapi_Entry *e, Slapi_DN *sdn, char *cleartextpassword) {
      char *dn = (char *)slapi_sdn_get_ndn(sdn);
      Slapi_Attr *pw = NULL;
      Slapi_Value **password_values = NULL;
      passwdPolicy *pwpolicy = NULL;
      struct pw_scheme *curpwsp = NULL;
      Slapi_Mods smods;
      char *hashed_val = NULL;
      Slapi_PBlock *pb = NULL;
      int32_t res = 0;
      slapi_mods_init(&smods, 0);
       * Does the entry have a pw?
      if (e == NULL || slapi_entry_attr_find(e, SLAPI_USERPWD_ATTR, &pw) != 0 || pw == NULL) {
                        "update_pw_encoding", "Could not read password attribute on '%s'\n",
          res = -1;
          goto free_and_return;


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