Friday, September 3, 2021

Re: Package Maintainer Docs moved from wiki to docs.fp.o

Le 31 août 2021 23:05:09 GMT+02:00, Otto Urpelainen <> a écrit :
>My first question is, does starting a new docs.fp.o site require some
>manual actions to enable localization? Currently, I cannot find anything
>about the new Docs site at Fedora Weblate.

Yes it does, it is a very manual process in which you can't do anything, only me have the proper accesses to do it (which definitely is something to change). I'll do it and come back to here to confirm when it is done (and to tell you how this works).

>The second question is, is there anything that can be done to
>automatically import those parts of the existing Wiki translations that
>are still valid?

Nope, this is the reason why translating wiki is not a good idea, what is done there can't be easily reused.
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