Tuesday, October 12, 2021

[389-users] syntax passwd policy trivial words restrictions issues

Hi List,

We are testing a new  passwd syntax policy  in ldap  we have only cfg password length to 8 char and according to this RH Doc   bellow there are some exceptions(  aka “trivial words”  and uid, cn, givenName which can not be used )  when  a user tries to update his passwd , for example if the new passwd contains more than  3 char from his uid  the ldapasswd cmd will fail .

Exemple :


 For new  Passwd :cheese671cheese  >> will fail

But for passwd: cheese67cheese will work .

I need to understand if we need other  passwd attributes to cfg or why this char min limitation and how to solve this issue?

Our uid can be from 4 char lenhgt to 14 char length.


Here is in ldap ldif:

nsslapd-pwpolicy-inherit-global: on

nsslapd-pwpolicy-local: off

passwordTrackUpdateTime: on

passwordCheckSyntax: on

passwordminlenghth: 8

passwordMinCategories: 1


And  RH DS doc :

https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_directory_server/10/html/deployment_guide/designing_a_secure_directory-designing_a_password_policy#Password_Policy_Attributes-Password_Syntax_Checking Password Syntax Checking

Password syntax checking enforces rules for password strings, so that any password has to meet or exceed certain criteria. All password syntax checking can be applied globally, per subtree, or per user. Password syntax checking is set in the passwordCheckSyntax attribute.

The default password syntax requires a minimum password length of eight characters and that no trivial words are used in the password. A trivial word is any value stored in the uidcnsngivenNameou, or mailattributes of the user's entry.


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