Tuesday, December 7, 2021

[389-users] Re: Help - Missing nsAccount objectClass for WinSync users from AD

Thanks for your analysis.
I've got it worked and i've found a problem in AD DN plugin.
The filter was evaluating only objectClass=nsAccount.
However your PAM config is for sure better than my, and i must confess i'm not a PAM guru. This will be a change to make a better understanding about the module by me.

Regarding my second question which i summarize here:

Once solved this issue, i think it would be better to sync AD user that belongs to
specific AD Group in order to have a ore control over it instead of defining a specific
I've seen a page wich reports the existence of "Support Filters":
And it says:
new config parameters in windwows sync agreement:
winSyncWindowsFilter: additional_filter_on_AD
winSyncDirectoryFilter: additional_filter_on_DS
winSyncWindowsFilter: (|(cn=*user*)(cn=*group*))
winSyncDirectoryFilter: (|(uid=*user*)(cn=*group*))

Anyway it is not clear if my installed version support this feature

389-Directory/ B2021.139.1122

If you could hekp also on this it will be really appreciate.
Many Thanks
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