Tuesday, March 22, 2022

[389-users] Re: Netrgoups referenced in the SUDOers Group do not work



My SUDOers group works with a dedicated sudoUser given, but not if I reference a Netgroup with the User given there.

Same for sudoHost.


Works not:




The netgroups can be resolved on the 389ds client, though:

[root@testldapclient01 ~]# getent netgroup ABX_user_test

ABX_user_test         ( ,axtsc,)


[root@testldapclient01 ~]# getent netgroup ABX_server_test

ABX_server_test       (testldapclient01,-,-) (testldapclient01.mydomain.com,-,-)


Changes in the SUDOers Group work only with some delay. Restart of sssd and relogin does not help. So it is a bit clumsy to test. Any help is highly appreciated.


Thanks, Tibor



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