Thursday, March 31, 2022

[389-users] Re: version changes/updates


On Thu, 31 Mar 2022 at 15:27, Neel Karandikar <> wrote:




At what point did the repo installation "stable/default" change from to 2.0.x?

As described in, "stable" stream follows the oldest of the supported Fedora releases, i.e. right now it's F34. This is the update in EPEL that introduced the 2.0.13 version in EPEL8:

There is currently 2.0.15 in epel-testing:

EPEL8 will continue to use the 2.0.x version and will not switch to 2.1.x, because of the raised minimal required version of glibc to 2.30. At this point "stable", "testing" and "next" streams in EPEL8 converged and have the same version.

EPEL9 will likely not have modules. We're considering a different way to distribute upstream versions of 389DS with cockpit through our copr, but waiting for the final decision about modular content in EPEL9 in

I know this can depend on the variability of yum repos etc

But today on ours I noticed that

yum module info 389-directory-server -> stable/default is now pointing at v2.0.13

running Centos 8 stream


we are currently running and, with some test servers at 2.0.13 (as they auto upgraded with what was in our repo)

I actually just want to know what versions of release notes I need to review, so  I can see changes that might occur when I upgrade from to 2.0.13.





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