Thursday, March 24, 2022

[389-users] unconventional replication, alma 8 master to centos 7 slave: Unable to acquire replica: error: no such replica

Hello all,

i am working to do multi master with two different versions of OS (alma
8 and centos 7), this means that the 389 on alma 8 is using dsidm and
cockpit and the 389 on centos 7 is using 389console with ldap commands.

the alma 8 directory tree is how we want it to be, users inside, all
working as expected.

the 7 directory tree is the complete standard given when 389ds is setup.

on the 7 machine (slave) I have the bind dn information of
cn=replication manager,cn=config.
This has been set up on the 8 mschine via cockpit in the replication
agreement to connect with these credentials. an ldapsearch lets me
connect with them and purposely typing the username or password wrong
for the agreement gives a different error so im confident the account is

The error I see, when i try and initiliaze the agreement from the 8
cockpit view to the slave machine is:

ERR - NSMMReplicationPlugin -
multimaster_extop_StartNSDS50ReplicationRequest - conn=289 op=3
replica="unknown": Unable to acquire replica: error: no such replica

Does anyone know anything that I could check for the error to get around

Thankyou kindly.

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