Tuesday, March 22, 2022

[fedora-arm] Re: Change in kernel PPS GPIO handling and Pi 3B+

Just to supplement Stephan Wahren's observations about Pi 4s:-

I have tried the latest beta F36 with my Pi 3B+, and the GPIOs do not
seem to work (yet):

i.e. Fedora-Minimal-36_Beta-1.4.aarch64.raw.xz

The command, gpioset `gpiofind GPIO27`=0, seems to do nothing, as does
'=1' instead of the '=0'.

The latest kernel I have where GPIOs and the above gpioset command work
is the F35 5.14.10-300 aarch64 one. Later F35 kernels do not work (yet).

Using the 5.14.10-300 F35 kernel, the command, 'gpioset `gpiofind
GPIO27`=0', raises the voltage on the GPIO pin to 3.3V, rather than
lowering it as I would have expected.

Hope this helps some-one somewhere ...


On 05/03/2022 11:34, Stefan Wahren wrote:
> Today i tried Fedora 35 Minimal for my first time, here are my test results:
> Raspberry Pi 400 32 bit => bus width issue
> Raspberry Pi 400 64 bit => hangs while show graphics
> Raspberry Pi 4 B 4 GB 32 bit => kernel crash
> Raspberry Pi 4 B 4 GB 64 bit => boot into setup
> Raspberry Pi 4 B 8 GB 32 bit => black screen, fails to start kernel?
> Raspberry Pi 4 B 8 GB 64 bit => boot into setup
> At least the 32 bit issues on Raspberry Pi 4 are expected since the
> kernel config doesn't have ARM_LPAE enabled.
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