Tuesday, March 15, 2022

[fedora-arm] Re: Fedora Server 36 VGA output on a Raspberry Pi 3b

> Was hoping to add a bit of test coverage, and ran into a strange issue.
> The beta Server compose[0] boots, but there is no VGA output after the
> initial rainbow, u-boot, GRUB, and "Booting..." text (using an HDMI->VGA
> adapter) on a Raspberry Pi 3b. Cockpit works so boot clearly succeeded.
> Fedora Minimal for the same compose[1] works as expected with text based
> initial setup appearing over VGA.
> Is this a known issue or intended behavior? I couldn't find anything in
> Bugzilla.

The HDMI to VGA adapters have always been as ropey as hell on the RPi,
in fact they were never particularly great even on the OLPCs back in
the day either.

They're also very variable from device to device so it's very much a
case of it may or may not work but we don't really get a lot of
reports either way these days TBH.

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