Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Re: Transtats commits on weblate?

Jean-Baptiste píše v Po 28. 03. 2022 v 21:12 +0200:
> Hello team & Sundeep,
> do we have a place where we discussed the opportunity of
> using transtats
> to commit new translations in weblate?
I'm not aware of such discussion.
> I'm confused by this account:
> https://translate.fedoraproject.org/user/transtats/#audit 
> which
> translated many different languages.
> It previously were Sundeep's account (a known and
> appreciated community
> member), while it were renamed as transtats on March 2nd
> 2022.
Isn't it a decision of Sundeep? It seems you can change a
user name in Weblate if you want. (I didn't try it myself,
but the user name field looks editable in the settings.)

> This raises questions:
> * What's the policy for a username renaming in Fedora? How
> does infra
> team handle this?

Because of openness, I don't think there is any type of
gate-keeping within Fedora. If someone decided to change a
name, he/she can do it. Just for some food for thoughts, try
to look at a (perhaps somewhat related) recent Council's

> * how are these translation done? Can transtats suggest
> translation? How
> confident are we with translation quality?
I can't answer this.

> I'm looking forward to see how transtats could help us!
> Jean-Baptiste
> For those who may not know, transtats is
> https://transtats.fedoraproject.org, a detailed
> translation tracking of
> 100 fedora packages.


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