Monday, March 28, 2022

Transtats commits on weblate?

Hello team & Sundeep,

do we have a place where we discussed the opportunity of using transtats
to commit new translations in weblate?

I'm confused by this account: which
translated many different languages.

It previously were Sundeep's account (a known and appreciated community
member), while it were renamed as transtats on March 2nd 2022.

This raises questions:

* What's the policy for a username renaming in Fedora? How does infra
team handle this?

* how are these translation done? Can transtats suggest translation? How
confident are we with translation quality?

I'm looking forward to see how transtats could help us!


For those who may not know, transtats is, a detailed translation tracking of
100 fedora packages.
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