Monday, April 4, 2022

[fedora-arm] Re: Clarification of RPi 4 support

> Am 04.04.2022 um 18:19 schrieb Peter Robinson <>:
> Please keep cc:s in tact
>>> Can we also delete the FAQ section as well and just direct them to the
>>> wiki, I have no idea who added this but I don't ever remember being
>>> consulted.
>> What is that bad with the FAQ section? There are some helpful informations. Probably just add a „note" box and a link to the corresponding arm wiki? (Saying the arm wiki is the one maintained by arm maintainer and therefore the authoritative one)
> Well it's basically the one in the FAQ except it's not updated. Why
> duplicate the information unnecessarily.

I just the the text more closely. Nearly the complete FAQ is duplicated besides 1 or 2 exceptions.

And duplication is bad, indeed. That's a wide spread issue with Quick Docs. We should have a mechanism to consolidate Quick Docs on a regular base and move duplications to the authoritative location.

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