Monday, April 4, 2022

[fedora-arm] Re: Migrate wiki to

On 4/4/22 1:04 PM, Peter Boy wrote:
> We just had a short discussion about Quick Docs and RPi. The idea / suggestion came up to migrate all or part of the Arm wiki pages to docs.fp.o. This would involve establishing ARM Sig as an "engineering team" (cf. and would significantly increase visibility.
> I reckon I read „somewhere some time ago" that someone was working on such a migration. I would be happy to contribute if support would be helpful.
> If my recollection is incorrect and nevertheless, the Arm Group considers a migration desirable, I would be happy to work on such a migration. I would see this as an opportunity to actively contribute and not just be a "consumer" of the work of others here.
> (I'm writing most of the Server Edition documentation and contribute to docs Team, so I hopefully know what I'm doing)

It may have been me, I vaguely recall suggesting that awhile ago, but I
never followed up. I also never started working on it.

If this is an agreed upon path, I can take some of the pages as well. I
migrated the CUPS wiki pages to Quick Docs awhile ago, always happy to
do more.
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