Wednesday, May 25, 2022

[389-users] 389-ds opensuse container questions


My team is preparing to move to containerized 389-ds instances after years of running on two AWS EC2 instances in multi-master replication behind a AWS classic load balancer. All data is on separate EBS volumes. The 389-ds version is I'm mainly curious about the right way to use the container, so questions:

1. Is the container considered production-ready?
2. I see that the container will create a new instance if it doesn't find one. How does it determine that an instance exists?
3. What setup config options are available to the container? I see mention of container.inf, but it's not clear what all I can put in that. For the install of our current directory, we need to make dse.ldif changes, ACI changes, schema changes and other things. I realize I can do all this after the container creates the bare instance, but I'm wondering how much the container install could do for me.
4. How big of a deal is it going to be moving from to the latest version?

Additionally, we were wondering if it's possible to have an AWS load balancer handle the TLS exchanges instead of the LDAP instances. In other words, install the certificate on the load balancer and have it talk unencrypted to the LDAP instances over port 389.

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