Monday, May 2, 2022

[389-users] Re: 389ds External LDAP Authentication

Hi Parimala, 

Welcome to 389ds.

Several  ideas came to mind:
[1] If you can set up replication between the two LDAP server instances then the data will be available on both instances. 
[2] If server2 suffix is different from server1 suffix, then you could use chaining.
      (so that request to Server1 get forwarded to request2)
[3] using the Pass Through Authentication plugin (In that case only the bind requests will be forwarded. But that may not be enough depending how exactly the application is checking the ldap authentication)

Otherwise yo could always export the data from the other ldap server and import it on server1 (but you get in trouble if the data get changed ... )


On Mon, May 2, 2022 at 6:13 PM parimala nitesh <> wrote:
Hi 389DS team,

I'm new to 389ds. I've a question. I've a Server1 with 389ds installed. I've external LDAP(this can be 389ds or Openldap) on different server2. Is there a way to integrate 389ds LDAP to external LDAP (Basically all the users of external LDAP should also be authenticated via 389ds LDAP on server1 also)? How can I achieve it? Can you share any documentation relating to this? Can someone help me in this?

Thanks in advance

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