Sunday, May 22, 2022

[Test-Announce] [Fedora 37] Call for Test Days

Hi Fedora users, developers, and friends!

It's time to start thinking about Test Days for Fedora 37.

For anyone who isn't aware, a Test Day is an event usually focused
around IRC for interaction and a Wiki page for instructions and results,
with the aim being to get a bunch of interested users and developers
together to test a specific feature or area of the distribution. You can
run a Test Day on just about anything for which it would be useful to do
some fairly focused testing in 'real time' with a group of testers; it
doesn't have to be code, for instance, we often run Test Days for
l10n/i18n topics. For more information on Test Days, see .

Anyone who wants to can host their own Test Day, or you can request that
the QA group helps you out with organization or any combination of the
two. To propose a Test Day, just file a ticket in fedora-qa pagure - here's
an example . For
instructions on hosting a Test Day, see .

You can see the schedule at .
There are many slots open right now. Consider the development
schedule, though, in deciding when you want to run your Test Day - for
some topics you may want to avoid
the time before the Beta release or the time after the feature freeze
or the Final Freeze.

We normally aim to schedule Test Days on Thursdays; however, if you want
to run a series of related Test Days, it's often a good idea to do
something like Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday of the same week (this is
how we usually run the X Test Week, for instance). If all the Thursday
slots fill up but more people want to run Test Days, we will open up
Tuesday slots as overflows. And finally, if you really want to run a
Test Day in a specific time frame due to the development schedule, but
the Thursday slot for that week is full, we can add a slot on another
day. We're flexible! Just put in your ticket the date or time frame you'd
like, and we'll figure it out from there.

If you don't want to run your own Test Day, but you are willing to
help with another, feel free to join one or more of already accepted
Test Days:

GNOME Test Day*
i18n Test Day*
Kernel Test Week(s)*
Upgrade Test Day*
IoT Test Week*
Cloud Test Day*
Fedora CoreOS Test Week*

And don't be afraid, there are a lot of more slots available for your
own Test Day!

[*] These are the test days we run generally to make sure everything
is working fine, the dates get announced as we move into the release

If you have any questions about the Test Day process, please don't
hesitate to contact me or any member of the Fedora QA team on test at or in #fedora-qa on IRC. Thanks!

Fedora QE
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