Monday, June 13, 2022

[389-users] Re: 389-ds opensuse container questions

I've got things pretty well scripted now, but one thing I've never been sure of is what exactly maps to a database.

In our current dirsrv, we've got one databse for our base suffix "dc=eds,dc=arizona,dc=edu" and everything is contained in that (ou=people,dc=eds,dc=arizona,dc=edu, for example).

In the new directory, I'd like the base suffix to be "dc=arizona,dc=edu" (where some new objects will live) and then the additional suffix "dc=eds,dc=arizona,dc=edu", which will contain all the same stuff as the current directory (ou=people, etc.)

So my question is, if I make a database for "dc=arizona,dc=edu", can "dc=eds,dc=arizona,dc=edu" also reside in that database (by making an additional domain for it?) or does it have to have its own db.
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