Monday, June 6, 2022

Re: Invitation to Translations Team to add to Mindshare Quarterly Report

Thanks, Josef! Mindshare will be putting together the next report at the end of June to publish in the beginning of July. We would love to have the Translations Team be a part, but if it's too soon we can always include the team in future reports. 



Marie Nordin

Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator

Red Hat Fedora Project


IRC/Element: riecatnor

On Sat, Jun 4, 2022 at 11:32 AM peartown <> wrote:
Alessio píše v So 15. 01. 2022 v 06:17 +0000:
> I tried to look at the stats page on weblate, but it
> doesn't seem to provide many interesting statistics (or at
> least I don't know how to do it). It seems that
> administrator rights are required to grab more meaningful
> data.
> Ciao,
> A.
> Jan 12, 2022 20:12:53
> > thanks for this proposal Marie,
> >
> > if someone is looking for an easy to do task: there is a
> > lot of statistics in Fedora translation platform, anyone
> > could give it a look and make use of it. Just dig in the
> > data and request feedback here if needed.
> >
> > if you want challenge, real challenge, there is a huge
> > amount of data in you may
> > conpare latest releases and try to highlight key points
> > (be careful with conclusion, simply describe what you
> > observe and asking question would make it simpler)
> > --
> > Jean-Baptiste
> > _______________________________________________

Just to let know in this mail list that after coming back to
this I've created an issue for it[1], where we can
reconsider if we are able to mobilize some resources to
prepare something for the next (or any other) quarterly
report (in the future)...?


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