Wednesday, July 27, 2022

[fedora-arm] Re: Fedora on Odroid M1


> I would like to buy a Odroid M1 (CPU RK3568B2, petitboot as bootloader).
> Is there any change to install Fedora on it? Even a headless
> installation would be nice.

So there's a couple of bits here:
1) Never dealt with petitboot on arm (I have on POWER) but the only
boot interface Fedora arm officially supports is UEFI so if petitboot
implements that and also provides a DT to the kernel it may work.
Essentially any device firmware should comply with the Arm SystemReady
IR spec and it should be good.
2) The rk356x support is maturing upstream, all the upstream pieces
are available in Fedora display may even work
3) Device tree (DT), if the firmware provides a DT and it's compatible
with the upstream kernel it should work, else there currently needs to

Generally Odroid has been pretty hostile to the wider open source
community so it's a best effort means of support, no one I'm aware of
that regularly helps out on Fedora Arm has any Odroid devices so it's
fix things we explicitly get reported from the community where we can.

If you explicitly want something with the rk356x SoCs in it I would
look at some of the others like the Pine64 Quartz64 or another similar
more community friendly vendor
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