Wednesday, August 17, 2022

[fedora-arm] Re: Failures booting on Pi4

Release 6 isn't done yet.

Needs to bake a while.  :-)

On Wed, Aug 17, 2022 at 8:55 AM Steven A. Falco <> wrote:
On 8/17/22 09:08 AM, Peter Robinson wrote:
> Hi Steve,

... snip ...

> I mentioned the HW rev above, the hex value tells me it's Rev 1.5 of
> the 2gb 4B. Since rev 1.4 they've been able to run at 1.8ghz like the
> RPi400 instead of the 1.5ghz of the older revs, but this came with
> some minor design changes, this in turn has caused issues in
> particular around the MMC stability, the device works using "firmware
> DT" but not the vanilla upstream kernel DT.
> I think we now have a fix headed upstream into U-Boot that should
> allow this to work, you can grab the latest U-Boot builds from koji
> and update them or it should be fixed in the next rawhide or F-37
> generated images (probably tomorrow).

Thanks for the reply.  I'm no longer seeing the problem in my current config.  I'm using a USB-connected SSD at this point, and the U-Boot phase is now solid.

However, I'm seeing a number of different faults with the 5.20 and 6.0 kernels.

I tried the vmlinuz-5.20.0-0.rc0.20220812git7ebfc85e2cd7.10 kernel, and it throws a lot of vc4_hdmi_write and vc4_hdmi_read errors, as shown in the attached kernel-5.20_kernel_DT.log (starts around line 880).  This log is with the in-kernel DT.

I then tried using the FW DT (please see kernel-5.20_FW_DT.log around line 877) but it gets the same errors.

The overall boot process with the 5.20 kernel takes around 100 seconds to get to a login prompt.

I then tried dropping back to the vmlinuz-5.19.0-65 kernel.  I don't see the errors, and I get a boot prompt in under 30 seconds.  Log file is kernel-5.19_kernel_DT.log.

I then tried the 6.0 kernel, again with the kernel DT and the FW DT.  In log kernel_6.0_kernel_DT.log at line 342, we have a kernel Oops.  In log kernel_6.0_FW_DT.log at line 324 I get "rcu_preempt detected stalls".

I'll stay with the 5.19 kernel for now.


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