Friday, August 26, 2022

Re: Self-Introduction: chinhousin zh-cn

On 26/8/2022 10:39 pm, chin housin wrote:
> Name: chinhousin
> Location: China
> Login: sharingfun
> Language: Simplified Chinese
> Profession or Student status:Bachelor degree of Wuhan Institute of Technology
> About: I am a student use Fedora with GNOME for 6months out of interest.I am wiling to make it easy-to-use.
> GPG KEYID:98A9AB0E954CE567
> fingerprint: 5834 3203 C4A3 F9F4 B0AB 8EFC 98A9 AB0E 954C E567

Hello Chin,
Welcome to Fedora community.

This is the right place to discuss L10n related topics.

Hope you will have fun on translation.


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