Monday, August 29, 2022

[Test-Announce] [Call for Action] Fedora 37 Pre-Beta Validation Event kicks off 2022-08-31 through 2022-08-07

Hey All,

Some of you may know from my presentation at Nest '22 about the
Validation events that are getting added!
Historically, Fedora QA has relied on a lot of contributor feedback.
Mostly, we have set up multiple
ways how to capture the results and there has been no better time than
to start capturing feedback about the composes as
a part of the Release Validation Event!

As the name suggests, we will be validating composes throughout a week
and we will do it twice per cycle, once for pre-beta and other for
pre-final. Validation Events such as this are done to invite more
community folks to test the latest compose(s) for each day and help
fill the
Release Validation Matrix leading up to the Final Go/No-Go meeting.

We will start this Validation Event with the compose for 2022-08-31[0]
and the respective "current" validation page can be found [1].
As the days change, so will the latest composes and thus will be the
current validation pages. Feel free to jump in anytime, and
submit validation results on the "current" validation page.

You can use "relval" [2] to submit reports for composes as well apart
from the regular editing wiki pages. I will be posting about the
new images and the QA candidates on this list every day and will be up
for taking any question there is!


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