Monday, September 19, 2022

[389-users] 389 DS sync issue with Active Directory

Hello Team

I have a question on sync between 389 DS and windows active Directoty.
I have followed this link to for Synchronizing with Microsoft Active Directory(6.11) with 389 DS , I'm able to create the repl-winsync-agmt but while checking its status using sudo dsconf ldap1 repl-winsync-agmt init-status i'm getting below error .

[16/Sep/2022:16:25:45.129760205 +051800] - ERR - slapi_ldap_bind - Could not send bind request for id [CN=darshan,CN=Users,DC=training,DC=itadmin,DC=com] authentication mechanism [SIMPLE]: error -1 (Can't contact LDAP server), system error -5950 (File not found.), network error 107 (Transport endpoint is not connected, host "")

I'm able to do ldapsearch on Active directory but repl-winsync-agmt init-status command is giving the network error.

ldapseach command:
ldapsearch -x -h -p 389 -b "CN=Users,dc=training,dc=itadmin,dc=com" -D "CN=darshan,CN=Users,DC=training,DC=itadmin,DC=com" -w "Test@123" dn

repl-winsync-agmt create command used:

sudo dsconf -D "cn=ldap1-infra1" -w "#CEEadmin123" ldap1 repl-winsync-agmt create --suffix "dc=openstack,dc=org" --host --port 389 --conn-protocol LDAPS --bind-dn "CN=darshan,CN=Users,DC=training,DC=itadmin,DC=com" --bind-passwd "Test@123" --win-subtree "CN=Users,DC=training,DC=itadmin,DC=com" --ds-subtree "dc=openstack,dc=org" --one-way-sync fromWindows --sync-users=on --sync-groups=on --move-action delete --win-domain "" adsync_agreement

Let me know what should be done to resolve this network error
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