Friday, September 2, 2022

Self-Introduction: Bartłomiej - Polish, English

Name: Bartłomiej, Bart
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Login: bkonecki
Language: Polish
Profession or student status: IT Specialist (helpdesk/sysadmin), student
of IT and Econometrics
About You: Since 5 years I am working at logistics company in Warsaw.
Before my IT job I was working as freight forwarder, I was managing
loads for company trucks.  I have done some translations for openSUSE
project, around 200 strings, they are using Webplate just like Fedora. I
love that Linux exists, it means that I am not locked to Microsoft
products. I believe that Software Freedom is important and good and I
would like to give something from myself to improve it. Since year or so
I am donating monthly small part of my salary for Linux Foundation but I
would like to give something more. I am learning English since I am 5
and I thought that maybe this skill could help the cause. I also like to
code, I love C and Perl looks super interesting, but it could be hard to
get work with this languages so I am learning Java.
You and the Fedora Project: Maybe in the future I will help with
packaging it looks interesting. I see Webplate as a comfortable page for
GPG KEYID and fingerprint:
[bkonecki@fedora ~]$ gpg --fingerprint 19CE33EF44499E63
pub   rsa2048 2022-08-31 [SC] [wygasa: 2023-08-31]
      A531 9AB8 C695 3C30 C75A  19F6 19CE 33EF 4449 9E63
uid    [   absolutne   ] Bartłomiej Konecki (Software Freedom)
sub   rsa2048 2022-08-31 [E] [wygasa: 2023-08-31]


Pozdrawiam\Best regards
Bartłomiej Konecki
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