Monday, October 3, 2022

[389-users] Re: Fwd: 389 DS stop reponding

On 10/3/22 09:08, jfdesir wrote:


I'am facing an issue that i  can't solve.

I have recently install two new LDAP servers   (ubuntu 18.04 /389 DS

First, 389-ds-base-1.3.7 is extremely old and outdated (it has not been supported in a very long time).  There are many bugs in this version.  I strongly recommend going to 389-ds-base-2.x.x which is supported.

All about 12hours, the LDAP stop responding evenif the process is there.

When i make a restart, it take a long time (so i have to kill the process).
I have 2 old 389 (version with the same base that function verry well

Is there a knowed bug about that?

You did not proide enough information to determine what issue you are hitting.   I suspect it is an experimental connection handler "nunc-stans", which was removed in newer versions, but that is just a wild guess.  "nunc-stans" can be turned off with a setting under cn=config (nsslapd-enable-nunc-stans: off).  Anyway, the next time it happens I suggest getting pstacks to see what the server is doing.




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