Sunday, October 9, 2022

[fedora-arm] Re: Question about release upgrade

> When you upgrade a SBC from one release to the next using the dnf upgrade method, it updates all the files in the filesystem in the same way as with a standard installation - I guess. So it would be fine to use that method on a SBC installed by arm-image-installer.
> But what about the files idbloader.img and u-boot.itb which arm-image-installer copies to the boot media in a separate dd step? Does the dnf method upgrades those, too, or do I have to do it manually afterwards? Or is there something else to do?

You need to update it separately, it's a device firmware so it's
treated separately. For the firmwares that reside on the same storage
as the OS (mSD etc) there's a update-uboot tool that works similarly
to arm-image-installer and is part of the same package.
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