Friday, November 18, 2022

[fedora-arm] Re: Fedora on Odroid M1

Am 27.07.22 um 16:03 schrieb Peter Robinson:
> Hi,
>> I would like to buy a Odroid M1 (CPU RK3568B2, petitboot as bootloader).
>> Is there any change to install Fedora on it? Even a headless
>> installation would be nice.
> So there's a couple of bits here:
> 1) Never dealt with petitboot on arm (I have on POWER) but the only
> boot interface Fedora arm officially supports is UEFI so if petitboot
> implements that and also provides a DT to the kernel it may work.
> Essentially any device firmware should comply with the Arm SystemReady
> IR spec and it should be good.
> 2) The rk356x support is maturing upstream, all the upstream pieces
> are available in Fedora display may even work
> 3) Device tree (DT), if the firmware provides a DT and it's compatible
> with the upstream kernel it should work, else there currently needs to
> be
> Generally Odroid has been pretty hostile to the wider open source
> community so it's a best effort means of support, no one I'm aware of
> that regularly helps out on Fedora Arm has any Odroid devices so it's
> fix things we explicitly get reported from the community where we can.
> If you explicitly want something with the rk356x SoCs in it I would
> look at some of the others like the Pine64 Quartz64 or another similar
> more community friendly vendor

Hello together, Hello Peter,

I've a look at the Pine64 store and didn't found what I'm looking for.


- CPU: min 4 core @ 2 GHz

- RAM: min 8 GB

- Storage: PCIe M.2 M-KEY (SSD) Socket, eMMC + SD-Card

- Ethernet: Gigabit

- USB3 + USB2

I've found Orange Pi 5
but it's not available yet.

Will this device work with Fedora? Are there other devices with this
requirements ?


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