Tuesday, November 29, 2022

[fedora-arm] Re: Thinkpad X13s, a wikipage about support development

> If you find it useful that great, but myself and others working on it
> likely won't update it. The problem with wiki pages is they're
> basically constantly out of date and things are moving fast.

Yes I understand. I just added some infos in the page

> Basically we're aiming for it being supportable/usable in time for
> Fedora 38, at some point before that I'm going to produce consumable
> images. Some things that are blocking us are currently under NDA so
> aren't publishable on a wiki or anywhere else.

I guess the NDA part concerns the virtualization support

> When there's a a consumable image it will be published and there will
> be notification in places like here and IRC for people to test and
> feedback. Until that point there's two options 1) hack something
> together yourseslf if you are capable 2) wait for some who is to
> publish consumable pieces.

Thank you for the update!
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