Tuesday, December 13, 2022

[389-users] Re: Builds for EL8 have a new home

I have a question.
With EPEL8 modular, when I want to do a fresh 389ds installation i use the command:
dnf module install 389-directory-server:stable/default
which provides 389ds version 2.0.15

Now, if I do a fresh installation using copr, there is no "stable" tag. If I just do a:
dnf install 389-ds-base
it provides 389ds version 2.2.4

So, it seems using copr also means upgrading 389ds from 2.0.x version to 2.2.x. version.

I see there are 4 currently 389ds releases:


What is in general the suggested/recommended 389ds version to be installed EL8-based (Almalinux, RockyLinux, etc.) production systems ?

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