Thursday, December 15, 2022

Re: l10n repositories in

I  have commit access only to docs, should add a group access to other repos as well and someone active able to add members to that group.


From: peartown <>
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Subject: l10n repositories in
Hello to all,

I am still thinking about the state of the repositories in
the fedora-l10n namespace on the[1] It's not that
there is basically something wrong with them, but IMHO there
is a danger of single-point-of-contact failure. When I
realize the users with a commit access or higher are:
* jibecfed (maintainer of all repositories)
* asamalik
* weblatebot
* darknao
* copperi
* yaron (commit for kde)

I recall when Jean-Baptiste, for example, once answered to
mattdm that he didn't have time to maintain fedora-l10n/doc
repository (while I think he is, in case of an urgent need,
able to help with weblate's things.) asamalik is propably
not more there, too. Nowadays, more or less all lays on the
shoulders of darknao. And copperi is hopefully able to put
some hands on as well.

In this thread could we somewhat reconsider how to better
organize (us) around these repositories?

Would it be possible to have among the users of the
repositories an account that is linked to the fedora-infra
team, for example with the admin role? (I am deeply sorry
for expecting all of you would have gone from the l10n
matters...) Personally, I'd like to see a moment when we
have "a backup of a backup".

We could also reconsider if to maintain the fedora-
l10n/tickets repository. We could have it as a part of
fedora-l10n/docs, if we use tags for issues...?

Do you have anything to propose, comment or your view in
this regard?

A little similar situation is with the weblate
administration. By going throught this mail list I learned
that the weblate admins are:
* Jean-Baptiste
* Piotr
* Yuri
* (and perhaps again) darknao

Does this group needs some update, too?

I have some more things to ask or propose, but let's see if
we are able to come to some conclusions in these two things.



PS.: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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