Thursday, December 15, 2022

Re: l10n repositories in

hello, thanks for sharing this, but as far as I know, there is low risk here.

if something happen for doc generation, darknao and I can do it. Adam Samalik did great work here, I simply finalized it with help of darknao.

if something happen on weblate admin, yuri, piotr and I can do it too. I think darknao gave it a try too, mot sure he wants to invest on this though.
Also, each project owner om weblate can change the configuration of its project. (weblate is a great tool) Also,we have no maintenance to do because the Fedora project pays weblate company to do the maintenance, and the job is perfectly done.

on pagure, most l10n repositories are translation storage for big automation systems. Moving it to gitlab were considered as a useless effort.

our team doc and tickets repository is lacking maintenance as much as our group lacks involvement of a coordinator. No big deal here, localization in a project like Fedora is really decentralized. At some moment, someone will take the lead. And if access right start to be an issue, we'll fix it.

to me, all important subjects have backups, and tools are designed to run on their own, language enthusiasts can work wherever they feel like, as individuals or as structured teams

hope it helps,
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