Friday, December 23, 2022

Translation projects in Weblate - initial proposal

Dear translators,

I tried to prepare some information regarding the use of our
Weblate translation platform by projects for translating
their content, which could be published as a page in our
localization documentation.[1]

The proposal is available for reading in the staging[2]
instance of the Fedora Documentation site and please comment
in this mail list thread (alternatively, in the L10N matrix
room/irc channel). Those who have access to pagure, please
comment in the below ticket[3] (if possible look to the
source file of the page where are some my comments, too[4]).
I'll try to pursue comments made in all sources and write
them down to the ticket.

This new page contains information we would like to
communicate to (upstream) project owners, regarding our
Weblate translation platform. Basically, the information
should make clear what projects that would like to use
Weblate should expect from our side and what they should be
ready for on their side in order to use Weblate for their
localization. Ideally, it should have some explanatory text,
possibly procedural text and some reflections from
experience in practice (hints).

This is a first shot in collecting such information. The
author of most of the information is Jean-Baptist (thank
you!) in his various posts to

I'd like to ask you for comments and reviews. Particularly,
I would be happy if you could help me answer these
- is this the right direction?
- is there a better title of the page (Translation projects
in Weblate), the name of the file (hosting.adoc)?
- what could be added or removed for information?

Thank you very much if you find some time to look into this
and contribute your comments, views, suggestions...


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