Tuesday, April 18, 2023

[389-users] Re: Using dsctl and .dscrc: How to properly connect to a remote instance?

Hi William,

thanks for the help.

On 19.04.23 at 01:52 William Brown wrote:

> dsctl requires root/dirsrv because it assumes you are on the same host as the dirsrv instance. There are three commands:

Sorry, but then the documenation is... having need for improvement. I have
misunderstood the purpose of the tools or the distinction between them.

Off the top if my head I am not sure what good "dsctl dsrc ..." is, if this does
not work without a local instance?

> dsctl - requires root/dirsrv, and tries to manipulate an instance directly via local system actions, things like dse.ldif and ldapi. It bypasses the uri provided, it's trying to "manage the system".
> dsconf - required cn=Directory Manager and connects via the ldap uri.

Ahh, and dsconf reads the .dsrc? Then I just picked the wrong tool, it seems.

I was hoping to have a tool that gives me the status of a remote server or
allows me to do healthchecks. Especially in Kubernetes, where entering the
container is not something to be done on a daily basis. :-)

I'll take a look at dsconf and see what it can do.

> dsidm - requires a bind dn with no aci's or limited write aci's in a backend and connects via ldap uri.

dsidm does not read .dscrc, at least the manpage does not mention it. Does it
have a config file? Or do I need to supply the connection information each time?

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