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[389-users] Re: Subsuffixes not displaying

Hi Jason,

In theory you should be able to have the same behavior: 
  Here is a small table that summarizes the behavior.

Old Version
New version

subsuffix 2 suffixes subsuffix 2 suffixes
subtree search behavior on "parent" suffix see entries on both suffix see only parent suffix see entries on both suffix see only parent suffix
subsuffix mapping tree attribute: nsslapd-parent-suffix set unset ignored ignored
subsuffix mapping tree attribute: orphan N/A N/A unset set

default when using dsconf backend create –suffix subsuffix
without setting –parent-suffix
No Yes Yes No

IMHO you should first check  the mapping tree entries: i.e ldapsearch -b cn=config "(objectclass=nsMappingTree)"
in your case you should not orphan the subsuffix as you want to be able to able to get the subsuffix entries while searching the parent suffix 


On Wed, May 3, 2023 at 5:56 PM Jason Villarroel <> wrote:


We are having an issue when using an ldap browser or even the ldapsearch command subsuffixes that are on a separate backend database are not displayed when specifying the parent suffix as the base dn.  In previous versions when specifying the parent suffix as the base dn the subsuffixes were listed.  Currently only entries related to the primary userRoot database are displayed.  The root dse also does not display the subsuffixes.


If we run the "dsconf INSTANCE backend suffix set --enable-orphan dbname" command the missing suffix appears in the root dse but still does not appear in when listing the entries in the base dn.


The subsuffixes are accessible if we specify them as the base dn or access them via the built in ldap browser vi cockpit.


You can perform the following ldap search on V11 and V12 and will see the differences in the results:


ldapsearch -D "cn=manager" -W -b "dc=example,dc=com" -s one -x "(objectclass=*)" dn 



V11 returns

# numResponses: 15
# numEntries: 14


V12 returns

# numResponses: 12
# numEntries: 11



Version we have installed




Previous versions we were running







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