Friday, May 12, 2023

[fedora-arm] Re: Questions about supported hdmi display&drivers


> as shown in
> it would be great to update the docs which tell users which drivers or display is supported.
> or how to get the driver required to support some device.
> To find which drivers are not supported in fedora wrokstation.
> - ARM with Fedora Workstation connected to HDMI projector works.(which means the OS&hardware works and some HDMI driver/display is supported)
> - The custom display works with windows&fedora silverblue(which means its something probably only fedora ARM havent supported or at least not included in stock OS)
> I see other suggest>supply EDID data via the kernel command line.however my device is on 1st boot and of course there is that process that needs display more than anything.
> OS personalization setup at 1st successful boot.

These days we support most of the actual 3D accelerated displays on
arm hardware, the one that isn't there yet, but is coming, is PowerVR,
and the company is working on an open source upstream driver.

In the case of displays it's near on impossible to document the
combinations of displays supported. In a lost of cases I've found with
Raspberry Pi devices if they swap out a HDMI cable, or in some cases
even just replug them on both ends they will sometimes just work fine.

The vast majority of native HDMI displays "just work" these days. The
ones that have tendencies to cause problems are non native HDMI where
there's some form of converter in the middle and some projectors, but
in the later category often swapping to a different cable has again

So even if people had the actual time to test a wide variety of
displays against a wide variety of devices the information would
likely be out of date the following week due to a kernel update. I
feel it's a near on impossible task but I am welcome to suggestions on
how to do some form of light weight documentation to help users debug
the situation.

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