Monday, May 1, 2023

Re: Request Panel Package xfce4-windowck-plugin and xfce4-global-menu

On 4/27/23 21:23, Benyamin Limanto wrote:
> Hello XFCE4 team,
> I just want to thank you for creating such a great spin. I just want to ask, would it be possible to inclue xfce4-windowck plugin and xfce4-global-menu plugin in xfce4 in nest release?
> I see there are spec for global-menu in , I tried it on F38 xfce spins, it still work (for global app menu, but for windowck, seems broken, the dependencies isn't met), Is that possible to scrap the build spec from the copr git for building it in F39?
> 2nd is, is it possible for windowck as well? I tried build it myself on fedora 38 spins, using these dependendies

Thanks for your email.

I have been thinking about packaging these two - windowck and indicator
plugin - but have not done yet. I will try to do this.

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