Monday, June 5, 2023

Ada in EPEL

For anyone interested in programming in Ada on long-term stable
operating systems:

I have bootstrapped GPRbuild for EPEL 9. It's now available in the
epel-testing repository, along with a few libraries:

It seemed like there would be no more Ada in RHEL or its derivatives
when Red Hat removed Ada support from GCC in RHEL 8 – but a heroic
volunteer has made the gcc-epel package that adds back Ada, D, Go,
Objective C and Objective C++, and has so far been building updates now
and then. Building on that, I'm now working to add GPRbuild and some
Ada libraries.

For EPEL 9 I built GPRbuild 23. I don't think there will be regular
version upgrades in EPEL, but there was no reason to choose an older
version when adding a new package.

The version of Libgnat in EPEL 8 is too old for GPRbuild 23. I hope to
be able to build an older version of GPRbuild for EPEL 8.

More libraries will follow if and when I get to them, if I can solve
the problems that crop up.

Björn Persson

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