Wednesday, July 12, 2023

[389-users] Re: Crash with SEGV after compacting


Many thanks for the quick analysis!

> The crash is already fixed in 1.4.4 with
> The fix was about scheduling of compaction but revisit this part of code
> and actually fixed this crash.

I will raise the issue with Debian and see whether they would be willing to update the package in Debian 11 / bullseye.
( is indirectly related, which means that the OP and us are not the only ones affected)

My understanding is that updating 389-ds-base to v1.4.4.19 (the latest tag I could find on github, would contain this fix, right ?

> I fully agree with Mark suggestion to move to 2.x as this branch is not
> maintained except for few fixes like this one.

Yes, definitely. Debian 12 / bookworm is providing v2.3.1 and has recently become the new Debian stable. But upgrading obviously impacts other packages and we are still on RHEL 8 (and therefore 389-ds v1.4.3.*) for the IPA servers. While we have already successfully tested Debian 12 + RHEL 9 with our application, it did raise some unrelated issues with the IPA client (which are now solved in Debian 12 and on their way to RHEL 8 and 9).

So, we still have to live with the current setup for a few months, and if we don't get this fixed in Debian 11, I am thinking of what kind of workaround we could put in place, and I would be grateful for a quick feedback from your side :

- Is it reasonable to configure a very long delay for the compacting?
- Or should we rather rather restart dirsrv periodically in order to reset the next delay?

I appreciate that neither is ideal, but this are small instances which can be down from time to time (typically at night) and a restart of the LDAP server is transparent for the application, as long as no one is trying to log in while it is down.

Thanks again for your help,

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