Tuesday, August 8, 2023

[fedora-arm] Re: Add gpiomem device in fedora 37 aarch64


> Hi I am trying to add a device which is '/dev/gpiomem' in Fedora IOT 37 aarch64. But I can only see '/dev/gpiochip0' and '/dev/gpiochip1' how can I add gpiomem device because the software I am installing is using this device in their code.

The /dev/gpiomem interface is a Raspberry Pi downstream driver
(drivers/char/broadcom/bcm2835-gpiomem.c) that isn't upstream so it's
not something we will support in Fedora. The only interface for
interfacing with GPIOs in Fedora is the upstream non deprecated
character interface (/dev/gpiochipX) and the assoicated libgpiod
library and associated language bindings.
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