Thursday, August 24, 2023

[fedora-arm] Re: Not finding RTC with a different spin?

Once upon a time, Peter Robinson <> said:
> I suspect the /boot partition on server is XFS and on XFCE it's ext4?
> U-Boot can't load off XFS so it falls back to the FW provided DT and
> hence basically is the same as not having the link there.

Ahh, this was indeed it. I switched /boot on the XFCE image to XFS and
it did indeed follow the config.txt entry for the RTC (so same as
removing the /boot/dtb symlink).

Interesting to know... learn more about the oddities of ARM booting all
the time. :) Maybe should the aarch64 images all use an ext4 /boot for
consistency and to avoid confusion?

Chris Adams <>
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