Tuesday, August 22, 2023

[fedora-arm] Re: Rebase IoT to Silverblue

Hi Alessio,

> You know, Fedora Silverblue is available for aarch64, but it is not
> provided as a raw image.
> As far as I see around, in order to install Silverblue on a Raspberry
> Pi, a lot of trickies are needed in order to boot the ISO from an USB
> stick etc.
> So. I tried to install Fedora IoT, then I added the Silverblue remotes
> and rebased the system to it.
> Well. It worked. Do you see any contraindications?

Is the last word meant to be contradictions? If so, no I don't think
so, that's one of the great things of ostree.

Did you have any other queries or problems from your experiment or is
this more a heads up and to start a discussion?

I actually have on my to-do list to add a silverblue raw image but
I've not got around to it as it doesn't come up as a request that
often, but it also shouldn't be too hard so if there's lurkers here
that are interested in this use case do all feel to reply to this

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