Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Re: Fedora Release Notes components locked / unavailable for translation

Jean-Baptiste píše v Čt 24. 08. 2023 v 11:32 +0000:
> I suggest we do a screenshare meeting, like what our
> friends from design
> are doing:
> https://peertube.linuxrocks.online/c/fedora_design_live/videos
> Please respond here if you are interested to join, and on
> which timezone
> your are.

Hi Jean-Baptiste and Raffael,

I tend to participate too. But, honestly, I'm so unorganized
when I do anything for Fedora, that is really hard for me to
say when I'll be available for sure.

If you, others, agree on a date/time, I'll try to be in too.
Is it OK for you? (My timezone is UTC+2.)

Also I hesitate if I'm the right target audience, as I'm not
neither a project owner nor a Fedora weblate admin, for

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